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Active Furniture

Active Furniture, which has been operating since 1989, produces sofa sets, dining and bedrooms with a wide product range in classical, avant-garde and artdeco styles.

Since the day it was founded, it designs unique living spaces in accordance with the needs of the age with its staff who are experts in the field of furniture, devoted to their work and constantly keeping their enthusiasm fresh.

Active Furniture, which carries out its production in its factory with a closed area of ​​​​7000m2 in Istanbul-Sancaktepe, has adopted the understanding of working focused on innovation and customer satisfaction as its basic principle. It makes a name for itself in the international arena with its superior quality, aesthetics, architectural perspective and skillful hands that it uses in production.

Active Furniture continues to serve with its dynamic, business-loving team with its collections renewed every year, customized products and living spaces designed down to the detail.

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